We are a family band. You can listen to our music



In short, the band ”Sisters of Jeremiah” is:

Jeremiah Kowalski (12 years) – acoustic guitar

and his sisters:

- Ann Mary(21 years) – drums

- Veronica (19 years) – flute

- Agnes (18 years) – singing, violin

- Mary Teresa (16 years) – bass guitar

- Gabrielle (14 years) – piano, keyboard instruments

And their parents:

Yvonne – violin

Gregory – electric guitar

They are also the authors of the music and lyrics.     


Lyrics by G. Kowalski

So many words are said today

So many stuck into your head

I think that  now the whole world knows

About losing  meaning of the words


Ref       Holy word, that can bring you to rebirth, to rebirth

Holy word, brings you closer to rebirth



Any word that is said today

Turns into dust the other day

But this one lasts and always will

It can’t be just blown by the wind




Life is serious fact I know

And you can do  what you want

Bad word can kill with all its tension

The other can bring the redemption